“Enjoying a delicious meal is a language of love” Tena Ahlness, owner of Luv's Kitchen.


At Luv’s Kitchen, each event is catered as if it were our own.  We want you and your guests to experience the love that goes into each beautifully presented meal we serve.


Our menus are not standard. We cater to your unique palette so whatever the event or the meal; we can make it special just for you!  We only use fresh, locally grown foods in order to serve the highest quality meals possible.


Our business was built on the good ole-fashioned values of hard work and service to others.  We have been serving meals for many years and have operated a food truck service.  We catering graduations, weddings, retreats, business luncheons, family gatherings, breakfast events, and evening meals.


One of our core values is community.  We value our role as a member of this community and choose to employ people who deserve a second chance and are willing to work hard for a fair wage.  We pray that God continues to bless America and shows us how we can bless others our community.  By giving back to the community, we gain new friends and build a strong sense of unity with our fellow Americans.


We hope we can serve your event soon!




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